How to Draw a Realistic Goat

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When drawing a realistic goat you'll want to pay close attention to the little details of the animal. Draw a realistic goat with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Chris here and today I'm going to show you how to draw a goat realistically. What we're going to do is we're going to start off with the back and continue along just like that. Bring it back, bring the line down for the leg and then you're make it out, go out just a little bit for the back of the knee. Continue on down and then goats' hooves usually have like a separating area. So you're going to draw a little bit of a triangle and then you're going to connect these back up. Bring that line back up to till you get to the knee junction and you're going to make a swooping line forward, just like that. Gonna continue along with the back. And now, goats' backs, I mean if you're looking at a horse or any kind of four-legged creature, a lot of times their back will swoop down a little bit and just kind of hang. So, you're going to want to make that just a little bit of an arc. And then, you're going to bring that up to where the neck begins right here. And then, what we're going to do is we're going to do the belly. So, you're going to bring the, almost like a swooping line kind of down just like that. And don't, and bring it almost to where the, the neck begins but not exactly there because this is where the, the leg's going to be in the foreground. We're going to complete the back leg here and that kind of goes along just, just almost just like the front leg. Following the same kind of shape. So, you're going to do it just like that and don't forget your separating on the hooves there. Then we're going to do the front leg. Just kind of goes just like this. It's almost the same as the back leg except not as, not as big when it gets to the thigh area. So you're going to bring this down. Make it go down just a little bit further so it looks like it's a little bit, standing at an angle. Do the same, the hooves the same way. Little bit of a knee here. And then, complete with the front hooves, which are the same as the, as the, the other one here. Bring that down just a little bit, just like that. Now we're going to complete the head of the goat. What we're going to do for this is we got first ear here and make that a little bit like a, almost kind of like an oval shape, 'cause goats' ears are a little bit rounded at the top. Go along for the forehead and almost a sharp drop down for the front of the, front of the forehead. Got another ear coming out like this here. And, start on the snout, which goes kind of like this. Bring the line underneath and around for the chin. And then you're going to continue along, connecting the legs. You can't forget the beard, 'cause, goats always have beards. So you gotta do just a little bit. Now, I'm using a marker. If you're using whatever, whatever tool you're using you can kind of do your own shading and do your own thing and create it the way that you want to see it, you know. Use any kind of colors you want. Alright. Don't ever be afraid to erase if you, if you make a line. Just make sure you got, got what you want on paper, you know. For the eye I'm going to just basically go like this. Go across, line down and connect like that. And then, of course you can't forget the, the horns. So I'm going to do one horn going just like that and then another horn going back, but that one's a little bit behind. And if you want you can kind of do the outline showing the contours of the horns there. Make him as furry as you want. Maybe put some grass underneath. And, your shading. And that's how you draw a realistic goat. Good luck guys.


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