How to Draw a Construction Paper Person

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Drawing a construction paper person is a little bit like drawing a gingerbread man. Draw a construction paper person with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, it's Chris here and today I'm going to show you how to a draw construction paper person. So, what I'm going to do is I'm going to kind of going to do him a little bit just like gingerbread man. I'm going to start of with my green marker and you're going to want to make him colorful since they are made out of construction paper, and there's a lot of different colors of construction paper. And I'm going to start off with the head here, just kind of like a circle. And you can complete it if you want. And then I'm going to do a couple arms. Maybe he's actually, maybe he's reaching up. And on the other one, maybe his arm's a little bit forward. We're going to do a line going down like that. And then another line. And it shows his arm's just a little bit forward. Maybe he's like gesturing for somebody or pointing out at somewhere. And you complete this down here. And do some legs there, just like that. And then if you want, you can color him in. Just add a little bit of color and kind of show that he's made out of a different color paper. And if you want, you can throw in a little smile or something. Maybe he's got a side smile, just a happy guy. And if you want to do another person, you can also take some pink or whatever other color you have. You can do maybe the kind of thing. But when you're doing folds, like when you're doing folds in an arm, I'm going to bring this arm down here and this arm. You're going to only bring it down about half way. And then you're going to do a line going down like that and then another line going like that, that shows that maybe they have their arm kind of pointed inwards or something or maybe they, they're falling in love or something and then she's pointing at her heart. And you're going to bring a line going down like that and another line going down like that. I'm going to draw some hearts. And then you can obviously color it in if you want. And if you want, you can also draw like a little bit of hair. And obviously it would have to be connected. Then you cut that out. But there you go guys. That's how you draw a construction paper people. Good luck.


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