Drawing & Identifying Parts of a Plant Cell

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A plant cell is made up of a variety of different, unique parts. Learn about drawing and identifying parts of a plant cell with help from an artist with many years of drawing training and experience in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Rosalie and I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw and identify the parts of a plant cell. So, I'm going to start with the cell wall of the plant cell. And that is the, just like the gut cellulose and that's what gives the cell its shape. I'm drawing it kind of square because plant cells pack together to make the, you know, structure of the plant. So, they pack together and they are kind of square a lot of the times to give the plant its rigid structure. So, that's the cell wall. Inside the cell wall is the cell membrane which is like, you know just another layer of the outer part of the cell. It's just like the inner part of the cell wall. And it's like a membrane and it lets stuff pass through. Then I'm going to draw the nucleus of the cell which is the center. And it controls a lot of the cells processes. And, well actually this is the nucleolus. That's like the nucleus of the nucleus. And I'm going to draw the nucleus around that. So, this pink thing is the nucleus. And then in there is the nucleolus. It's like, yeah, pretty simple and then there is, this stuff all around is the cytoplasm and that's just like what the cell's made of. It's like a gel. And a big part of the cell is the vacuole. And that's like, that helps to give the cell some of its structure. And it is also filled with like fluid. And then there are these things called, I'm going to make these green, because they give the cell the green color. These are called chloroplasts. And that's like where the chlorophyll is. And the chlorophyll is like part of the, the way the plant gets energy. I think it's magnesium based or something. It's usually blue, green, it's like green in color, bluish green maybe. So, that's how the plant like does photosynthesis which is how it gets energy through the chloroplasts. And then there's this thing called the mitochondria. It's got like, like all these structures in there, an important part of the cell. And, god there's really a lot of parts of the cell. Then there's like this thing that looks like this and it's called a golgi body. And it helps with like the excretion process of the cell, like packages things for export from the cell. And then there's this stuff called ribosome that looks like this little dotty clusters. And there are the, oh, these are the amylosplast. They're like little round circles. And then there's this thing, the centrosome and this aids in the duplication of the cells, like have these radiating lines. And that's how it divides and makes more cells. So, that is just a real basic identifying parts of the plant cell.


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