How to Draw the Human Skeleton Sideways

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Drawing the human skeleton sideways is also known as drawing in "profile." Learn how to draw the human skeleton sideways with help from an artist with many years of drawing training and experience in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Rosalie and I'm and artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a human skeleton, sideways. So, that's just a side view or a profile. I'm going to start with the head, the skull because that's the head of a skeleton, the skull. And I'm just, I'm just drawing in a shape like that. That's sort of what a profile skull looks like. And the jaw like joins on. And then there's like a little nose bone there and there's a eye socket facing forward. And there's all kind of detail there, but I'm just, I gotta sort of race through this. So, here's the neck or the upper vertebrae. I'm just sort of sketching in like lumps to show the vertebrae. And, and here's the clavicle or the collarbone. That's how your arms join on to a skeleton. And here's the scapula which is the shoulder blade. that's on the back. And so, here's the upper arm bone coming down, and then there's the elbow and the lower arms has two bones in it. And then hand I just draw with lines for the hand bones. And then here's the ribcage, which is the torso. And it comes, it's made of some curving bones that come all the way around and all the way to the back and join on to the spine and they're all joined together down the front with a, there's like a strip of cartilage and it's called the sternum or the breastbone. And here's the lumbar area of the spine. And I'm putting in some more vertebrae there. And that actually comes down in to a point, to a final bone called a coccyx or the tail bone. And here is the hip bone or the pelvis and has the ischial protuberances on it or the sit bones. And then joining in to that behind the hand is the thigh bone or tibia. And I'm just sort of sketching it all in here. And then the lower leg bones divides into two. There's the knee, knee cap and then here's the ankle. And there's a lot of little bones down here, but the foot bones basically go like this. And then there's the heel bone that balances out the foot. And that is how I draw a human skeleton, sideways.


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