How to Draw a River Bank Landscape

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Drawing a river bank landscape can be a great way to get practice drawing the great outdoors. Learn how to draw a river bank landscape with help from an artist with many years of drawing training and experience in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Rosalie and I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a river bank landscape. So, I'm going to start with the river. And a river is water and I'm just, I'm just starting with it and sort of angling down in this case. But it's like usually swiftly moving water in a, it's going in a direction and then you know there's like nature around it. So, I'm doing like a river bank here. This is the river bank like we're looking, it's as if were standing on this and looking at, out. So, it's sort of obscuring some of the river and then on the other side of the river, usually the edge of the river's pretty straight. And then on the other side there's like more land and stuff like that. So, there's the river bank on the other side. And this is the river bank over here. And the river is like traveling through these sort of hills. OK. So, and then, so in the foreground, on this river bank there will be trees and you'll be like looking through them to see the river. So, I'm just drawing them in. And they're sort of leaning this way because the land like dips down in to where the river is. So, the trees will sort of lean a little bit towards the river. And the same on the other side. And I guess let's just put some trees in. They don't have to lean. I'm just sort of adding a little drama to the whole idea. And you know sometimes they will just like arch right over the river. It's very pretty. So, I'm just scribbling in some green, greenery off to the branches of the trees. And you can see them just sort of being there. And I'm just going to add like some more of the river. It shoots on through. And you can even add like some little grasses and stuff down by the base. Why not. And then, that's how I draw a river bank landscape.


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