Exercises on How to Draw a Face

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Drawing a face is something that will take time to get just right. Learn about a few exercises on how to draw a face with help from an artist with many years of drawing training and experience in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Rosalie and I'm an artist. And I'm going to show you some exercise for how to draw a face. So, I'm going to make it simple and just draw an oval for the face shape. This is the outline of the face. Going to try to get it in there. And this one's sort of tapered more towards the bottom. That's where the chin will be. Around half way from the top to the bottom, that's where the eyes go. And you can, I'm going to put a guideline here, since it's just an exercise. And you put the eyes in and then one eyes distance apart, you put the other one. That's about the standard spacing for human eyes. And then about half way from this to the bottom, you can put another guideline. And that could be where the bottom of the nose is . Again, faces vary so much though. These are just guidelines. I'm putting in eyebrows.The eyebrows go over the eyes. And then half way between the bottom of the nose, and the chin, put the center line for the mouth. And then I'm just drawing in the lips around that. They could be smiling. You could even just put a smile on one side. And that makes a, sort of a quirky expression. Put the hair in. I'm going to actually put the ears. The ears go from about there to there. And just bring in this hair. This is the, the hair is not technically really part of the face. But it does grow out of the face. So, and it's always sort of near it. And that is an exercise on how to draw a face.


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