How to Draw Realistic Roses

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When drawing realistic roses you're going to want to pay attention to the little details of the flower. Draw realistic roses with help from an artist with many years of drawing training and experience in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Rosalie and I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw realistic roses. So, to capture realism in a rose, you just want to get the petals going. I'm drawing a cluster of petals and I'm doing them like this, sort of getting bigger as they go out from the center. This is a very simple kind of rose. It just has rounded petals. I'm just adding them in. And the rose is facing, you're looking right in to it, you know. And you can sort of as you get out to the outer edges, you can have some of the petals sort of be curling outward. So, that's how it would look if you were like looking right in to it. You could also have one sort of from the side, maybe like a rosebud. I'm making a shape like that, and it like flairs out like that. And then there's like petals in there. Drawing flowers is a really basic drawing exercise. And it's a good idea to like look at some real ones and practice. Or and you could just like have like a spiral and then like you know, just more petals. And if you want it to be sort of like half like a profile view, you could have it be like that and draw the bottom in. And then for the leaves part there's like a, like a little star shaped green part that is where the rose joins on to the stem. And that's called the calyx. And it was originally the bud of the flower. And when the flower blooms, it bursts open and curls under like that. So, rose petals, rose leaves are this shape usually, sort of an almond shape. And they can come off like that. And you could put detail in to then if you wanted, like that, some vascular system is visible in the leaves, depending on how much realism you want to capture making a stem here, and just putting some more leaves on. Let's put this rosebud like that. And it would also have this stuff there, that I describe and the leaves sometimes even like more, you know. Oh, and thorns. Roses have thorns unless they're dethorned. But you just draw those with like little pointy shapes. But you know, they say every rose has its thorn. And that's how I draw realistic roses.


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