How to Draw Martial Arts Figures

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When drawing martial arts figures you will have to decide exactly what style of martial arts you want to draw. Draw martial arts figures with help from an artist with many years of drawing training and experience in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Rosalie and I'm an artist. Today I'm going to show you how to draw martial arts figures. So, I'm going to draw a martial artist using nunchucks. I'm starting with his head. He's in an action pose. That's what martial arts is all about. I'm drawing his arm, his hand is like that, out in front of him. And his body is like that. There's the waist of his pants. He's got like loose pants on. And there's his front leg. It's coming forward. Let's say he has tabby boots on. And that's the kind of shoe that has the, the big toe separated kind of. And his other leg is back, comes back a little bit. That's his stance and it's off to the side. There's his other foot in the tabby boot. And here's his nunchucks arm. And there's his hand. I'm going to, this marker's kind of thick but you can see that he is gripping the handle and then the other one is like that. And it could be up. I mean normally if I had more space, I would have it go straight up. But it can go any which way you swing these things around. And this thing is a chain, so you could define that with you know, a little bit of texture to show the chain and his face is, facing forward. And give him some hair and give him some muscular definition. He's got no shirt on. He's just wilding out with the numchucks. And that's how I draw martial arts figures.


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