How to Replace Car Brake Lights

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The brake lights on a car can typically be replaced in a very specific way. Find out how to replace brake lights on a car with help from the owner and lead mechanic of an automotive services business in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Steve Ellis from Steve Ellis Automotive, master technician. I'm going to show you how to replace a car brake light. First you're going to need a ratchet and a deep 5/16 socket on this vehicle. Some vehicles use 10 millimeter deep, you would have to look and see which the vehicles call for and when doing this, in the back of the vehicle in the trunk, there's several studs that hold the lamp assembly in. This vehicle has three. You take the nuts off the three studs in the back and that releases the lamp assembly. The lamp assembly then will shake around and it will come out and as you take the lamp assembly out, you tip it over gently without scratching the lens and you get to the bulbs. When you get to the bulbs, you can take the bulb out like this and this bulb will come out. It's a round type of bulb so it comes out with a quarter turn. You push in and turn them and the bulb comes out of the socket and this you push it in and it will lock back in. Okay, some bulbs are straight square type. You just wiggle them and pull them out and snap them back in. Okay, then when you're done replacing the bulb you put it back in with a quarter turn it locks it in place, then line the taillight up straight, set it in place. Before you tighten everything up, put the lights on, check it and make sure it's working properly. After you know it works properly, put the three small nuts back on the light, tighten them just snug them a little bit because you don't want to break the plastic. Once you get the light back in place and snugged up, double check it and make sure the bulbs are working. And I'm Steve Ellis from Steve Ellis Automotive, master technician, and that is how you replace a car brake light.


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