Intervals and Reading Music

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Intervals are the space between two pitches or notes. Learn about intervals and reading music with help from a producer and musical director in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Cliff Wallach Greenberg. I'm a music instructor here at Rok On Studio. And today we're going to learn about intervals and reading music. Intervals are like inches so they are the space between two pitches or two notes. For example, the letter C and the letter D has an interval of a second. OK. As you can see we are using our software is Guitar Pro 6. And I'm going to start with our root note, G. And we are going to go up a space and a line to a B, which would be the interval of a third. And now, we're going to continue up another third, to get a D. And our next interval will be a second. And a second would be from The D, which is on a line up to the next space in our staff, which would be an E. So, here we have from G to Be is a third, from B to D is a third, from D to E is a second. OK. Now, we're going to drop down from E down to a G, which is going to be a sixth, an interval of a sixth. And now we're going to go back up and we're going to get our high G, which would give us an octave or an interval of an eighth. This has been Cliff Wallach Greenberg, and that's how you count intervals in music. Thanks for watching.,


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