Can Listening to Music Through Headphones Cause Dizziness?

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Under certain circumstances, listening to music through headphones may cause dizziness. Learn whether or not listening to music through headphones can cause dizziness with help from a producer and musical director in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Cliff Wallach Greenburg. I'm a music producer here at Rok On Studios, and today we're going to talk about listening to music through headphones and can it cause dizziness. The answer is, yes. If your headphones are too loud and there's too much sound pressure against your ears, after prolonged use you will feel as though your equilibrium start to slip and you will get a little dizzy. So, today we might talk about a few ways that we can prevent that. The first way is getting a good pair of headphones. As you can see they are large, go around the head and it's nice and cushioned here on the sides. And what you want to do is you want to take these headphones, you want to place them over your ears. When we wear our headphones like this, and we have the sound pressure in our ears, one way to alleviate that is to maybe take one ear and slightly move it off of your side of your head so that way you're not getting the sound pressure on both sides. Another way that you can, to help with the dizziness with prolonged use of headphones is to actually turn the volume down. And what you want to do is we have our volume dial here and we're going to bring it so that, a little bit less than half way up. Half way up is a pretty good decibel level for listening. So, if you're starting to feel dizzy, all you have to do is turn it down a little bit. This has been Cliff Wallach Greenberg and that is a couple of tips to prevent dizziness while using headphones. Thanks for watching.


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