Step by Step on How to Draw Up-Do Wedding Hair

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An up-do wedding hairstyle is just that - a hairstyle where your hair is "up." Learn how to draw an up-do wedding hairstyle step-by-step with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosalie and I'm an artist, and I'm going to show you how to draw up-do wedding hair. So an up-do is just that, it's a hairstyle where your hair is up off your neck and it is popular for weddings and formal events to have this hairstyle so I'm drawing a profile of a woman's face, just to put the hair on. So there's her neck. She's sort of leaning forward like bowing her head just a little bit. There's her eyebrow. There's her eye. Her eye is a little bit closed and there's her ear. Alright so that's where the hair is going to go on. Now this hairstyle has bangs, this particular one. There's a lot of different kinds and there's a curl, here it comes down, or a tendril, okay, and it's all very smooth and sleek because it's been styled for a wedding, which is an important event for photos. And so it comes around here. There might be a little ornament, let's say a flower. I'm going to put in a flower, a hair ornament of like, maybe something like that, you know, just a little ornament there and it's also where the up-do, maybe they hide the clips to hold the up-do, so, I'm drawing the back of it in and here's where the hair is. It's all twisted around, so and you can draw that by just making curving lines to suggest where the hair is just twisting around. So, just coming up from there and then there's the crown of the head and it's where the bangs come out and then I'm just filling in the texture. There could even be more tendrils, sometimes there's like deliberate little curls just to make it more romantic looking, sort of Renaissance look. Alright, and that is how I draw up-do wedding hair.


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