How to Draw a Witch on a Broomstick Step by Step

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For a witch, the ideal mode of transportation is the broomstick. Draw a witch on a broomstick step-by-step with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosalie and I'm an artist, and I'm going to show you how to draw a witch on a broomstick step by step. So I'm going to draw the witch's head first. I'm drawing her in green. I'm just drawing like a witch face in profile kind of, you know, just kind of exaggerating the features and witches have a pointy hat usually, this classic kind of broomstick riding witch would have one. So, sometimes you can't even tell someone is a witch by looking at them but this is the classic witch look and she's got the pointy hat. It's flowing back because she's riding the broomstick and it's you know, she's got some speed going. So here's her sleeve of her arms that are reaching forward and here's the rest of her body and here's her witch robes which are billowing back again because of the speed of her travel and here are her hands which are also green. She's got one hand holding on to the broomstick like that and then the other one is like that and I haven't drawn in the broomstick yet but here are her feet. Her legs are like in this position, bent and so there is her foot. She's got like witch shoes on and she's straddling the broomstick which I will fill in. I'd say she's got striped stockings on so I'm just going to put those in, some horizontal strips across there. I'm going to color in the shoes and so the broomstick is like this. There's the top of it. Now you want it to be straight. It's going to go straight. Now the robes kind of go around it because it's going between her legs and she's sitting on it so there's the back of it and it's a broomstick, so there will be a big broom which is just made of straw or whatever. It's sort of a straw texture that you're drawing in there and you can bind it here. And that's how I draw a witch on a broomstick.


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