How to Draw a Lunch Truck Cartoon

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When drawing a cartoon version of a lunch truck you want to exaggerate the features of a real truck. Learn how to draw a lunch truck cartoon with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosalie and I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a lunch truck cartoon. So I'm going to start with the lunch truck. I'm just going to, it's a cartoon so I can exaggerate the features and the lines. So here's the front, the side of the lunch truck which is like there's the side sort of flaps down and there's a window and then this becomes like a platform and there could be like a napkin dispenser on there and a ketchup bottle and you know, some condiments, salt, pepper, a coffee service thing with maybe some milk, you know just stuff you might have out on a lunch truck thing there and here's the wheel of the truck and there's the front of it. There's another wheel. Okay, so that's the lunch truck. Oh there's a menu board that's like, and it says like what's on there and how much it is and maybe there's an additional one here, info about the food and stuff and what's available and let's say it's a cartoon so it doesn't have to be people and I'm going to make these anthropomorphized animals that are running this place so there's a dog back there and he has an apron on and he's just, you know, he's manning the cart or dogging it I guess and so he's back there and then approaching to come and get food, let's say there's like a rabbit and maybe also a cat. These are easy animals to draw and they're just heading over there to get their lunch. Oh let's put the window in, the door and let's say, so, let's say this guy's name is Fido and that's his truck, Fido's and there's the back of it. It has a back bumper and two taillights and that's how I draw a lunch truck cartoon.


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