How to Draw a Hay Truck

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A hay truck is a truck that is carrying varying amounts of hay. Draw a hay truck with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Rosalie and I'm and artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a hay truck. So, a hay truck is a truck that is carrying hay. I'm going to do a real basic version. It's just a truck cab, which I'm drawing in like this. You know it has like a, like it comes with like truck stuff. This thing on top of the cab. There's the, you know there's the rear view mirror and the door, the wheel and the grill. And it's just a sort of a powerful truck that hauls like all this hay. And hay is dried grass. And in this situation it has been all baled. So, it's basically a truck, but the trailer, instead of you know, it's still a rectangle, it's made, it's just a flat bed here, like this is part of the truck. And then there's maybe some more. It can be really long. And then the part up here that's really rectangular, that's all just hay, stacked. So, it's cubes of hay or hay bales. And the way I'm going to draw those, is I'm just going to draw a grid. These are the individual blocks of hay. OK And they have like sort of a scratchy texture. And there they are. You just want to get it looking like cubes. And then you just put in like scratchy hay texture. They're all packed together. And then some more. You want to get these things to be about the same uniform size. That's how they pack them on there. And then there's just some more hay. And you can goes as long as you want on the texture of the hay, for as much detail as you feel like going for. And that is how I draw a hay truck.


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