How to Draw the Inside of a Monster Truck

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The inside of a monster truck is also called the "cab." Draw the inside of a monster truck with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosalie and I'm an artist, and I'm going to show you how to draw the inside of a monster truck. So that's the cab of the monster truck. A monster truck is a pickup truck that's on some giant wheels. So, but in the interior you can't tell the difference between a monster truck and a regular truck. So I'm just going to draw like the side of the door. The door is open. I'm going to frame the whole thing with the open door because that's what it would look like and there's the door sort of open and so there's the sill at the bottom of the door and here is the side of the seat. This has bucket seats so they look like that. Okay and there's the headrest and here's the driver seat. It's just the same thing. I'm just drawing in the seats. There's a little console in between and there's the other seat. There's all kinds of like heavy duty seatbelt stuff because a monster truck needs more safety restraints and stuff so I think it would be like crossing over two both ways and the seat belts wouldn't be closed with nobody sitting there but I'm just putting them there so that you can see them and then there's the other door. You can see the inside of the other door over there and there's like a little armrest there and okay here's the steering wheel and it goes and it's like that. It has a steering column and then there's the dash around it. Let's say there's like dials and stuff. It's maybe a little bit old fashioned and there's the stick shift. This is a manual transmission truck. So there's like some other knobs and buttons and here's the center console and let's have it be coming through there. There's the floor mat on the passenger side and it just goes up there. There's a glove compartment there. So, here's the inside profile of the door locking mechanism and there's a little bit of the door and the interior panels. Okay, so that is how to draw the inside of a monster truck.


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