How to Draw Multi-Combination Trucks

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A multi-combination truck is a truck with an extra trailer on it. Learn how to draw multi-combination trucks with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosalie and I'm an artist, and I'm going to show you how to draw multi-combination trucks. So, that's like a truck with an extra trailer on it. So, I'm going to draw the cab first. I'm just drawing it in. Has sort of a long front; this one does. And here's the wheel. It's sort of angled back a little bit. It's got these, like, exhaust things, twin ones. And then the back sort of comes up like that, up the cab on this particular one. There's the windshield and the door with a window in it, and a rear-view mirror coming out there. And some--the grille, and some headlights, and a bumper. Alright, so that's the cab. And then there is a trailer coming back from there, has two sets of wheels, and then it sort of hitches underneath with another set of wheels. There's the back of it, and then there's like three sets of wheels there. And here's the final trailer. I'm just going to draw that in, ha. Ok, here's the final trailer, and it goes even back further. So, this cab is hauling two trailers. And this one has--there's the final set of wheels back there on that thing. So, it's like hitched on there. And there might be some kind of design on the side, you know, of what's inside, or the name of something, you know. Ha, just drawing it in, some kind of logos or something. And that's how I draw multi-combination trucks.


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