How to Draw an Ambulance Truck

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An ambulance truck is a vehicle used to transport people to the hospital. Draw an ambulance truck with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosalie and I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw an ambulance truck. Okay, so that's an ambulance, that's a vehicle that is used to transport people to the hospital. I'm drawing the side of the back of it, I'm foreshortening it back, sort of 3 quarters view of this thing. So this is the back, that's where the person goes and where all like the medical equipment and stuff is, the life saving equipment. Here's the cab of the ambulance and it sort of comes forward like this and there's the front of it and it sort of dips down kind of like that and there's the front window and the door, I'm just putting that in like this and there's a window there too and there's a side mirror like that and they're headlights, a grill and it will say ambulance backwards. It's kind of tough on the front because it's, you're supposed to be able to read it forwards in your rear view mirror, if you're in front of an ambulance looking in your rear view mirror and they're like coming up upon you so if you can't tell it's an ambulance you can just read that, but they always have that there backwards. And then I'm putting a stripe on the side, a lot of times ambulances are red and white which are sort of I guess like emergency colors and there's all kinds of like sirens and bright lights so there could be a siren there, they'll be like lights here and lights here and here, and here you can have it be like, like that, here's the driver, he's in there, here's the steering wheel and there's like an EMS person and you can have like a cross for, that symbolizes always like medical stuff and they'll be like a side door, maybe there and it has a wheel like that and another one up here and just goes in there, sort of draw around it a little bit, there you go. So that's how I draw an ambulance truck.


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