How to Draw a Fireman's Truck

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Fire trucks are typically depicted in a very specific way. Draw a fireman's truck with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Rosalie and I'm and artist. And I'm going to show you how to draw a fireman's truck. So, it's pretty simple. Starting with the front. This is sort of an antique one. Here's the windshield, sort of from the, it's a side view pretty much straight on. All right. And here's the top of the wheel well. And it comes down to like a box here. There's all kinds of boxes on the side for like equipment and stuff. And this is the bottom of it, which is a running board, which means you can stand on it outside of the vehicle. And here's the wheel well for the back well. And that goes out like that. And then there's another area you can stand on in the back. Just like fireman would like stand all around on this thing, I guess. And here's the top of it. And here's the cab where the fireman sits and drives. And there's the back of the seat. And there's some more like equipment, boxes. Let's say like this is medical so that would have a cross on it. That means like first aid or medical supplies. And let's draw in the tires. Just drawing in them in. They're just circles, so I'm just drawing that in. And I'll just draw in the driver himself. It's a fireman's truck, so there he is. He's just sitting in there. There's the steering wheel. And he could have like someone else with him too, sitting next to him, in there. They're on their way to a fire. And there's also a ladder, a folding ladder that goes up here. And I just draw that like that with the lines for the steps of the ladder. And it would also say like, the number, it would identify the fire truck somehow. So, let's say this is engine number one. And there are some headlamps and some vents there. And that's how I draw a fireman's truck.


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