Steps on How to Draw a Boy's Face

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You can draw a boy's face by breaking it down into a basic step-by-step process. Learn how to draw a boy's face with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosalie and I'm an artist and I'm going to show you steps on how to draw a boy's face. So I am going to start with the face shape which is going to be this boy is going to be three quarters so I'm going to draw his head in like this. And his neck like that. You know proportions vary from person to person of course, so doesn't have to be like an exact copy. So I'm putting his ear there. That's about where it would be and so that's the face shape step. And then halfway from top to bottom, I put in the eyes. They're not centered. They're to the side. I'm going to sort of define his cheekbone a little bit in there. And put in the pupils of his eyes. His eyelids and his eyebrows. He's just a boy. And there's his little nose and he's smiling a little bit. He has really big eyes. But children do have proportionally their eyes are larger in relation to the rest of their face in adults. So it helps to portray that this person is young, is a boy not a fully adult male human being. And I'm drawing in a boys traditional hairstyle and a boy might have. A little bit over his ears there and a little bit in the back. It's kind of like shaggy and messy. He's not really that preoccupied with grooming that his neck is a little thick. Let's do it more like that. Like this. Sort of taper that up. You could put some freckles too. Just little dots lightly across the middle of the face. And that's steps on how to draw a boy's face.


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