How to Draw a Man on a Porch

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A man on a porch can make a great addition to any outdoor house scene. Learn how to draw a man on a porch with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosalie and I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a man on a porch. So a porch is the front of a house. In this case I'm drawing a structure like this, two vertical lines and then some horizontal lines, that's the, these are like the posts of the stairs. So, this is the side of the stairs, this is the top of the banister of the stairs of the porch and I'm just going to draw some vertical lines. Those are the like, you know, that's the porch railing. So you just draw those in and then the top of the porch goes there and you could put like, it could be like a little bit of a column top to these, you know, just as a detail, so and then erase this part. That's where the guy is going to go, the man on the porch and he's sitting and I'm going to put his hat brim and then the top of his hat because his head is bowed down like that and then he's got one arm bent like that, there's his hand and he's got the other arm like that and there's his other hand and it's on his knee which is crossed. There's his side of his leg and there's his other leg. His legs are crossed and so that's the man sitting and he's sitting on the porch steps which I'm going to draw like this. It's just some rectangular steps coming forward and let's fit one more in there. Okay, and there will be the porch, these stair's railing, just like the porch railing but coming down and out kind of and I'm just drawing in the tops there and then the porch will have some lattice underneath and that's like the empty space under the porch and that's how I draw a man on a porch.


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