How to Draw a Stick Figure War Scene

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A stick figure war scene can be a great opportunity to have a little bit of fun while you work. Learn how to draw a stick figure war scene with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica, and today we're going to draw a stick figure war scene. So, the first thing we need is just kind of a little scenario so here are some buildings and things, that's what people are fighting over. They're fighting over the buildings and maybe there is also some, these are military buildings also. So in this stick figure war scene, basically we've got just people in their little stick figure outfits and they're doing war stuff so in order to really make this scene work you kind of need a lot of these little stick figures. So and then they'll be doing, like this guy is laying on his stomach with you know, like a gun looking through the scope, maybe he's, you know, he's got his legs stretched out and these guys also you know, are like coming to get some of these guys over here. This guy here has a you know, there's lots of guns in war so I guess you know, it's going to be a part of the scene, people holding guns. This guy, unless you know, we can do really any kind of war we want, maybe they're fighting with I don't know, like words, they're like hey, don't cause any trouble. Oh, you don't cause any trouble. Hey I said don't cause trouble. Oh you're causing trouble. You know, it's a war of words and you know what they say, the pen is mightier than the sword. So sometimes you can have a sword and somebody can say something and the words can crush the sword, that can happen. I've seen it happen. Alright I've never seen it happen, but anyway, here they are, you know, just draw a whole bunch of them. You know that's really the main key to the stick figure war scene is just lots of stick figures because it's not really a war if it's like two guys, that's a fight right? It's a war, it's got to be like a lot of guys, a whole bunch of them. So to show that there's more people if you don't want to just draw a whole bunch you can just kind of do like this, you know, just do like little kind of things like this right? So you do like a couple to get the idea and then just go in and just kind of you know, do some shapes to indicate people. Then you can go in, if you have an idea like you want one guy to be like running the cannon or what have you, I don't know, how people do wars these days, then you know, maybe you can go in and put a little bit more detail on the cannon guy, you know, have him putting his arm to light the match or whatever, I don't even know how cannons work. You know, and then you can put a little more detail in but for the most part just go in and put a bunch of little characters like that and basically that is how you draw a stick figure war scene.


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