How to Draw the Inside of the Barn

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The inside of a barn typically has a lot of different elements including heavy equipment and sometimes even animals. Learn how to draw the inside of a barn with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm an artist, and today we're going to draw the inside of a barn. So, the first thing we're going to do is make the beam that goes across and holds up the barn and this barn has a couple other beams that also keep that part together and then there's the roof of the barn that also has a couple beams because barns are actually kind of somewhat rustic I think, pieces of construction and these are some other pieces that are coming this way and then you know there are beams between them that hold that up to this kind of ceiling area and then in the barn there is of course piles of hay, right, lots of hay. So you can just take your marker and just do a bunch of lines like that. It's like a big pile of hay here that the horses who hang out in the barn eat and sleep on and what have you and then we'll do a little horse who is hanging out in his barn and he is a pretty happy horse so you know, his hair, he's got hair on his face too and he's got you know, four legs of course like so and his tail, his big busy horse tail and maybe he's eating the hay. Maybe he's looking at it thinking about eating it later and then we've got some beams that go across the back of the barn, some pieces of wood. You don't have to draw every single beam, that would be really tedious but you can take your marker or your pencil and do some lines across to show that there's wood back there and you can take it and color it in, kind of shade it in in certain parts, maybe you know a little brown, color it brown and then shade the outside parts a little darker brown and put some lines across the light brown to show where the wood structure is. And then of course, you know, if you want to, maybe you can draw an owl up in the, he's hanging out on this rafter here, hooo, hooo, barn owl, he's up there, maybe another couple little birds hanging out. There's lots of little creatures in the barn. There's a mouse, besides just the horses and the cows, that's how you draw the inside of a barn.


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