How to Draw Cows in a Barnyard

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When drawing an image of a barn yard one of the elements you should probably include is cows. Draw cows in a barn yard with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica, and I'm an artist, and today we're going to draw cows in a barnyard. So we've got our barn in the background and you can tell it's a barn because it has kind of this round roof that comes down and then it just comes out, do a little bit of you know, angle there to show dimension and it's got a little window in the top there and it's got, usually they have those big doors on the front that have kind of the Xs on them or what have you. The roof is white often times and then the barn is, pretend this is red. The barn is a red color usually, you know, if you want to stick to classic colors but for all I care your barn can be purple with yellow polka dots and that's just fine with me quite frankly. So, there you go, pretend that's colored in really well. For the sake of time I'm not going to get too detailed and then oh, and don't forget your silo. There's like a silo over here full of silo stuff, whatever's in there and then you've got your big grassy area that's your barnyard, right? So, go ahead and put a little green in there, right? That's where the cows hang out when they're not sleeping in the barn. There's lots of green and green and green you know, and that's up to you. You can color that any way you want. You can shade the grass. You can make little pieces, little chunks of grass coming up like that and then you've got of course, the stars of this scene are the cows. So the cows are usually just kind of hanging out in the field eating and you're going to just do, you don't have to get into too much detail, just put their necks down and you know, cows just kind of graze, they don't really do too much. They don't really do too many tricks or anything, they just kind of hang out and eat grass. So, sometimes they you know, are eating the grass and other times they're just standing, you know. So they're very kind of docile and just hang out with their cow buddies. Who knows, maybe they have conversations that we don't understand. Maybe they have little cow conversations. What did you do last night, oh, oh just ate some grass. And let's see here's another one over here doing the same thing eating some grass. You don't have to get into too much detail with this because if you're doing a field of cows you're going to be doing a lot of them and then you can go back in with a black marker and you can put some spots on your cows so that they're kind of black and white and they're all different. Some cows are really very dark, some are very light with just a little bit of spotting but that's up to you. That's where your creative control and imagination come in and that is how you draw cows in a barnyard.


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