How to Draw a Giant Serpent for Horror

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A giant serpent is a great, classical image straight out of horror comics. Draw a giant serpent for horror with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. my name's Jessica and I'm and artist. And today we're going to draw a giant serpent for horror. So, we have first of all he snakes head is not usually that big. But in our scenario it's going to be kind of big because he's a snake for horror. So, he's got kind of an open mouth, right. And they don't actually have a super giant set of jaws or anything. But you know what, this is a giant snake for horror, so this guy has got like serious fangs, right. So, we're just going to draw his teeth, just like that. Just coming out of the top of his head, or you know, the top of his jaw. And he's got like you know, an eye over here and eye over here and he's really angry. So, we're going to give him angry eyebrows. Let's see, it comes down, he's got a big body and it wraps around like that. Auggh! And then it comes down and around, kind of like a figure eight. And it goes back around. This thing is, he's a monster, he's a massive, massive beast. And his tail comes up here like this. So, it's going to come around like that and like that. So, you see how it's connected there? It's like, it's like that, it goes woooooh. And then on the snake, they have this kind of belly area and we're going to see it like that. Much of the belly is going to go like that. And then it comes around a little bit, like it's kind of bending. Maybe we can put a little more over here, like so. And then you can just do some lines like that on the belly to show the underside of the belly. And you can color this any color you want. You can make it yellow, you can make it black, you can make it green or maybe this is, maybe this is like a mommy snake just trying to get food for her babies. And the snake just happens to eat people, you know. So, you can do like purple. Um-hum. Put a, put a bow on if you want. Is it a girl? It's a girl monster snake. And then you can go back in and you can you know, put some patterns on the back, any color you like. You can get as in detail with the patterns as you like. And that's going to be different than the belly part. The belly part's kind of a separate part. Just like that. And that's fun. You know, you can put like a person here like, aaah, don't eat me! Oh, no. Oh, my gosh! I'm so scared! You know. It's up to you. And that is how you draw a giant serpent for horror.


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