How to Draw Fantasy Art Illustrations of Ships

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Drawing fantasy art illustrations of ships is a great opportunity to let your imagination run absolutely wild. Learn how to draw fantasy art illustrations of ships with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name's Jessica and I'm an artist. And today we're going to draw a fantasy art illustration of a ship. So, we're going to do this sort of rounded orb here, like this. And we're going to draw another part down below that's kind of a deck. Now, the good part of it being a fantasy illustration is that you really do whatever you want to do. On my fantasy art ship we're going to have this big top piece like this. It's going to come up like that, a giant, round sort of squarish thing. And then we're going to have another small one next to it and another small one below that. Then we're going to have another piece that comes out. And you can add really any kind of parts that you want. This here is a deck, you see. So, the, this is, this is the part that accepts other ships that come in to the boat, and not the boat, the ship. So, basically, and you can make your own rules like that. As you go you can figure out additional pieces to put on the ship. You can do windows, these are some windows here that go all the way across. And then there are lights underneath. This is a flying ship of course. And these lights are all underneath. And then there are other lights on board, here and there to let people know a ship is approaching. Let's add some windows here, maybe one window here. And this is a very clean machine. This is like a ship of the future so it's not going to have puffs of smoke or anything like that. Not this ship, no thank you. And then you can go in and you can color it in and add some shading on the sides, give it a little bit of roundness and fullness, right. And maybe this part here is, actually there's another, there's another piece right here. This is kind of a see-through dome. And in the see-through dome we have some trees, like the park area of the ship. Because it's my ship, my fantasy ship and I can do whatever I want in my fantasy ship. And in there, people are walking around and doing stuff. You can't really see them because this boat, this ship is huge. I mean it's massive. It's like the size of a country, right. And it's just flying through space. And you can put some stars around to show that it's actually in space, which is an important point. And it's in a planet that has three moons and one of their moons has a ring. And that is how I draw a fantasy art illustration of a fantasy ship.


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