How to Draw a Mannequin Inside the Glass

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A mannequin is essentially a large doll used to display clothing in stores. Draw a mannequin inside the glass with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Jessica, and I'm an artist, and today we're going to draw mannequins in a window or more specifically a mannequin in a window. So, so you've got your store here, right, there you go, there's your store and there's your window, a big window where your store is, maybe your store is called you know Amy's Fashion or something like that. If your name is Amy right now you are so excited cause I just used your name, I'm psychic and then of course you have your big display window in your store and basically you don't really need to do too much to connote that there's a window there, just draw your mannequin, right, and your mannequin doesn't have a face usually, they're usually kind of faceless, usually just kind of, and they're usually very white, right, just kind of colored in white, they just have, they're job is to display the clothing, right, so just do the shape of the mannequin and this mannequin's kind of got this, this expression like, oh, what me, and you know they've got their arm out and it comes around and maybe is on their waste kind of a thing like that and basically that's, that's your mannequin in your window and then you know sometimes they have full legs, sometimes they just have you know part legs that sort of just go down into a stand of some kind and then maybe this one's got a little bit of a bend to her leg and you know you want to put clothes on your mannequin, you can go back in and maybe this one's wearing a little bit of a dress here, it's kind of like dressing a Barbie doll. Here we go, that's why of course it's always great to draw with a pencil or an erasable pen so that you can go back in and make your changes later and maybe she's also wearing some boots, matching blue dress and blue boots and a bracelet and then if you want to really show that it is a window you could do something like this, you can show a couple lines like that you know and I think people will get the idea that it is in fact a mannequin in the window, put the door, you can do the door, you can decorate the door if you want, anyway you want you know put a little handle on it, maybe put a little border around the window like so and sometimes the mannequins have hair, put a little hair on the mannequin which will have like a little ponytail just like that and that is how you draw a mannequin in a window.


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