How to Draw the Face of a Pug

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A pug is a very specific type of dog with its own unique set of visual traits. Draw the face of a pug with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Jessica and I'm an artist and today we're going to draw the face of a Pug. So as you probably already know a Pug is a doggy and these doggies have this kind of interesting shaped face, it's kind of like a, almost like a strawberry I guess and then their ears start at the top and come down like that on each side, there's their head and then they have these kind of diamond shaped eyes and it's not that their eyes are shaped diamond, but there's a pattern around them. They're eyes are actually quite round, but then they've got these sort of black or dark sort of shapes around their eyes here, we'll color that in to show you, there they are and then they have this big old additional kind of dark shape around there, their face, it's like almost like a mask kind of, like a clown, they're so cut, and they have these little round noses like so and you can usually see their little nostrils here like that. Now, additionally they'll have these kind of cute little cheeks that come down and make a little doggy smile or sometimes you'll catch one and they're sticking their tongue out which is the cutest, they're just going, just like that, big tongue just hanging out of their mouth, they don't even care and then this part also is shaded black so you can take your pen or your marker and just color that part in there kind of dark around the edges, but leave, leave the mouth area light, a little bit light so that you can see and color the tongue pink and then you know they have a lot of wrinkles, they have kind of like wrinkly forehead area, very wrinkly, lots of dog wrinkles just like that and they come around on the sides like that and then their ears are just kind of flopping over and basically that is how you draw a Pug face.


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