How to Draw a Woman Wearing a Bikini

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Drawing a woman wearing a bikini is a great way to experiment with drawing the human body. Draw a woman wearing a bikini with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Jessica and I'm an artist and today we're going to draw a woman in bikini. So we're going to say she's on the beach, it doesn't really matter, I'm going to give her a head, neck, and her shoulders and make her arms come down like that. So we're going to draw her body first and then we're going to put the bikini on. So her arm's like this, maybe she's, maybe she's holding a drink or something, she's got like a cold beach beverage of some kind here, soda, beach soda and then she's got her, you know the shape of a woman it comes in at the waist and then it goes out for the hips here and, and she's got you know her thighs and then the thighs go into the calves and she's just, she's walking or maybe standing still here and she's of course she's going to have bare feet or maybe flip-flops so we'll just have her feet like that and her hands here just hanging down by her side and then the bikini basically goes like this. It goes from the top, it comes down like that and then goes down in the front and then it kind of connects around on the side like so and there's a belly button and there's the underwear that come at the waist and then you know there's so many different styles we can do, we can do boy short type bikini bottoms or we can do just very kind of skimpy ones that tie on the sides, something like that, lets do that. So she's got the bottoms and they've got a bow on the sides, isn't that cute, just like that and lets give this bikini some spots, this itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny yellow polka-dot bikini, just pretend it's yellow, there we go and she's got a face of course and the long hair. She's look like a beach bunny, what have you, beach babe, she's got this long hair, oh maybe sunglasses of course since it's the beach. I'm just going to do that, keep it simple, give her some flip-flops and the flip-flops basically lets see they come, they're underneath the feet and then they have like a piece like that, lets see, oh yeah and then it comes across the foot like that and that is how you draw a woman in the bikini.


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