How to Draw a Rose With Dew Drops

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Adding dew drops to a drawing of a rose is a great way to increase the overall realism of the image. Draw a rose with dew drops with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm an artist and today we're going to draw a rose with dew drops. So, a rose is kind of a round shape. It has this part here and it's got this. We're not going to bring this all the way down though because we have a petal that's going to come up and make a little bit of a fall, it's kind of falling to the side there, try to blend this in like so and then we've got another petal that's going to come around and then these other petals, we're just going to kind of start to unfold and go around in a circle and if you want to just do this real easy you can just draw a circle just like that and just draw a little bit of a line around like so or of course you're also welcome to really get in there and draw each individual rose petal. So basically the way you would do that is you would just bring a little bit of layer to it, let's put the petals on top of each other until they create basically the shape that we need over here, just like that and then you want to go in and put a little dew on it but first actually let's put a couple little leaves that come up underneath like so and maybe a stem that comes down, that's got these little leaves that come off of it like that. It's got kind of a scarf or something underneath. I think roses are quite nice, always have. So then you go back in and you can just do your little dew drops. They're just little drops, that's all. If you are shading with a pencil you might shade it in and just leave the pieces empty where the dew would be, for example, something like that but otherwise, just go in and put a couple little dots. You can delicately put them on top of the flower and around the flower. You can even kind of coming off of the flower in a little bit of a drip if you like, a little bit of water on the petal there and that is how you draw a rose with dew drops.


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