How to Draw the Rear of a Pickup

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Drawing the rear of a pickup truck is a great way to experiment with perspective in your art. Draw the rear of a pickup truck with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Jessica and I'm an artist and today we're going to draw the rear of a pickup. So if you're looking straight on to the rear of the pickup you're going to see the cab, right, maybe the cab has a window in the back and then it's going to have these lines that are going to come down like this towards you at an angle to show that dimension and then a straight line across the back that is the tailgate of the truck and actually, yeah you want to have a little side here for your tail lights, that's where the tail lights go and then that's going to be the, the tailgate part right there. So basically you can put a little kind of a decoration there or the keyhole, maybe put a line across the bottom, something like that and you can add the tires in like that. Alright, now say your tailgate is open, right, then you won't be able to see the tires cause the tailgate will be open. So you can just take a pencil and you can erase your tires so you change your mind or you just don't, you leave them off altogether and if it were open you would just completely, let's just erase this back part, I'll show you how to draw it open, right. Okay, so here's your tail lights cause they stay there, they don't fold down and the tailgate is going to come out kind of like that, draw it like that. So in the same kind of direction as the back of the truck that tailgate's going to come open just like that and then you can see all the stuff you have in the back, you could probably see it anyway. If you want to draw the truck at sort of an angle that's pretty easy too. You can just draw the cab area, there's your tires, there's the back and then it comes out like that and goes back and there's a tire there and a tire at the bottom part there. There you go, that is how you draw the rear of the pickup.


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