How to Draw a Violin Scroll

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You can draw a violin scroll in a very specific way. Learn how to draw a violin scroll with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, what's up? Chris here. And today, we're going to be learning how to draw a violin scroll. For those of you that don't know what that is, that's the neck of the violin, where the strings go up at the top, where you tune it. So, let's begin. Alright, we're going to start with the neck, and we're going to put a line here, and a line here. As it comes up, what you will have is there will be a piece here that curves off at the top. And, another piece here, and a piece here. Now, these little pieces on the side are for tuning your violin. So, we will have one there, then another one comes out, and one is there. And, a little below that one is where the next one will be. And, right below that one, the same thing. It's like one is below the other one. And, these are what you turn to tune your violin. Now, the strings work their way up into this part. So, we'll do the strings a whole different color, so you can be able to differentiate the strings of the violin, and the scroll. We'll take our blue, we'll bring the neck down a little more. And, put a line in the middle, and a little bit of shading there for depth and dimension. And, there you have it. We can fill these in. And, I'm quite sure this is going to sound wonderful once it's tuned. There you have it. I'm Chris, and this is how you draw a violin scroll.


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