How to Draw a Person on a Swing

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Drawing a person on a swing is a great way to experiment with something in motion. Draw a person on a swing with help from an artist and art teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a person on a swing. Alright, so let's draw our swing, actually let's draw it more like this. So here is our swing. Let's get rid of this line and then of course, it's hanging from the structure by a rope or whatever you'd like it to be hanging with. It can be a chain as well and then let's draw our person and this person is in profile. There's their nose, their head, their ear. It's going to be a girl so we'll do long flowing hair behind her because when you're swinging it can flow in the breeze. And then her shoulder. Usually the arm goes down and then up and around to hold on to the swing. She's going to be wearing a beautiful dress. Her legs are up in the air because she is pumping her legs and then arms up and around the swing and then let's see, two feet. Her feet are kind of long here, let's shorten them. She is still a child. So here are her feetsies and her dress. Now with the hands and everything, put a little more detail in here. I'm going to do the fingers, holding the swing, again the hand holding the swing, the arm coming around. You can't really see that very well. You know what, let's see if I can get, let's use white, maybe the white will work better, her mouth. You can see the, you know, you can see how the body is and I think that's the most important. You know you've got the arms down holding on to the swing, the hands, the face, the flowing hair and the swing itself and you know you can erase all these other lines, put polka dots on the dress whatever you'd like. But here is a person on a swing. Enjoy.


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