How to Draw a Realistic Eyes, Nose & Mouth

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Drawing realistic eyes, noses and mouths requires you to pay attention to the little details of the human body. Learn how to draw realistic eyes, noses and mouths with help from an artist and art teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a realistic eyes, nose and mouth. So, let's draw our head here. Again, it's an oval shape, the neck and then, for the details. So eyes are almond shaped usually. I'm drawing a female right now. If you're drawing a male usually they're more angular. A woman's eyes are often almond shaped. They have an eyelid on them, so you can do a second line up here for the eyelid and then you might have eyelashes and then, the eyeballs and for the eye here, remember that you know, if it's bug eyed you're going to have a full circle but on a typical face with eyes, it's not a full circle, the top and the bottom are cut off a little bit. And then a circle in the center and you can go all the way around or you can leave it opened. You can also draw lines here depending on the color, you can make them blue, brown, whatever color you'd like and then we have eyebrows. Women's eyebrows are often thinner than men's, the nose. Now with the nose you have the sides of the nose, the nostrils and you know, you can do some shading here if you'd like and then that brings us down to the mouth. Now you can do a wide open mouth like this and then you can have teeth in here and you know it's not always a straight line so you can make it a little bit curved, the upper lip, the lower lip, you can do shading here and here's the teeth, let's shade it in a little bit underneath and you could add, you know, details for the mouth, there might be some lines on the lips, might have lipstick all over it. but there is your realistic eyes, nose and mouth. Enjoy.


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