How to Draw a Portrait Start to Finish

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When drawing a portrait you're going to want to begin by getting the frame just right. Learn how to draw a portrait from start to finish with help from an artist and art teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Patricia, I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a portrait from start to finish. So we're going to start with the frame, this is going to be a large rectangular portrait, this is how most are. If you go to the museum you'll see a lot of portraits and frames somewhat like this, possibly more ornate which means more detail. Alright, so let's get the portrait, this is going to be, here's the face and you have a head like this, an oval. I put you know somewhat of a chin in already and then the eyes go in the center of the face and you know if you're making a female you use more rounded features, a male usually has more angular and this is going to be a man. So lets give him a very angular chin, see how it's pokes out, alright, and then bushy eyebrows. Men usually have very thick, bushy eyebrows, upper eyelid and then ears. Lets see, he's going to have, we'll give him a full head of hair. So I'm just going to put the hair in there, possibly, you know back in the old days the guys used to wear blond wigs, I don't know if I like this wig though. Lets give him a big collar, now I'm not too into the wig so I'm just going to erase that wig and give him short hair, short hair's good too, possibly we'll give him a hat, alright, much better. So this guy, buttons on the jacket or the shirt, who knows who this guy is but here is his portrait and you know what there's one more thing I wanted to do, he's known for his mustache. There we go, a portrait from start to finish, enjoy.


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