How to Draw 3D Houses With an Upstairs

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When drawing a three dimensional two-story house it may be helpful to picture real houses you've seen as a visual aid. Draw 3D houses with an upstairs with help from an artist and art teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia, I'm an artist, and I'm going to show you how to draw 3D houses with upstairs. So, we'll draw our 3D house, this is going to be a simple house, a rectangular house, and here is the side of the house, and then of course the roof of the house, it's the eave right here, I guess this could have an eave as well. And then, here's our 3D house. You know, we're even going to put, this house is lucky enough to have a widow's walk. Alright, so, you know, you might have some windows up here, notice how I'm doing the sides to make it more 3-dimensional. This is the roof, so remember here it's a slanted line. Alright, and then if you look straight into the house, here's the second floor. Again, you know, we're going to make this house see through, I guess so, here's the 3-dimension, it's like a cube shape, and then here's the second floor, and you can separate it into rooms, but this is the floor. And, it's getting a little bit confusing with all these lines, so let's erase this, and then here you can see the second floor, see there, and granted you're going to have lines in the back, but this is just so that you can see it easier, you might have a stairway up, you're going to have walls in here, but it's all a matter of angles. Notice how I'm drawing these angles, here's a wall, here's a doorway here, and you can add more walls just by how you draw it. Again, here's another wall, and you can draw a staircase, 3-dimensional, it's all about the shading. But here is your house. Enjoy.


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