How to Draw a Blushing Face in Manga

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The manga style of animation comes proudly from the country of Japan. Draw a blushing face in manga with help from an artist and art teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a blushing face in manga. Alright so first we're going to do a profile. So this is just a little manga face and you know a lot of times you have spiky hair in manga but I'm going to do a cute little bob. Remember you can take any idea and make it your own so my little manga person is going to have a cute little manga bob. Alright and then we're going to do the eye, now remember in manga, eyes are always really large, so that is a very important aspect. So here is my large eye, the eyelashes, alright and then we have little lips and I can make them a little bit bigger here. Alright and then of course for a blushing face, all you really need to do is a circle, a pink circle and that would be a nice blush. Alright so if we want to do it straight on again let me get the blue out here, we have our manga face which of course is the small nose, the cute little mouth, the very big eyes. These are kind of like bells almost, it's a bell shape and then I'm putting the eyes in it and i know that there's many different ways to draw manga eyes but this is one of them and then the eyelashes and then the hair, here we'll do spiky hair. Let's get the ears in there, small ears, do some spiky hair and then you know what, this chin is bothering me. If something is bothering you in your artwork, feel free to change it. It's okay to do that, alright, I don't know, let's see here, I'm still going to correct this line. There we go. I like her a little bit more and then her neck and then of course, since we're doing the blush, two pink cheeks and there are your blushing manga people. Enjoy.


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