How to Draw a Picture of a Scientist

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When drawing a picture of a scientist you will have to focus on what they're wearing along with what they're holding. Draw a picture of a scientist with help from an artist and art teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a picture of a scientist. Alright so you can draw your typical scientist with you know, holding a test tube or whatever, I'm going to do a scientist from the side and he is going to be looking into a telescope. So let's get the telescope here. I'm going to draw a simple telescope. There are so many types of telescopes, this one is going to be very simple, something that you know, you can do at home. You know I have two rectangles here, a little in arced shape and then we'll have you know, the lines holding up the telescope itself and then what you're looking down into. Alright so here's your telescope. It's a fairly simple telescope on a table and then we're going to have the scientist and of course, he's looking into a telescope that is holding some very let's say a very deadly virus if you will so he has a Hazmat suit on. Yes, scientists do wear Hazmat suits when they're looking at stuff that they do not want to hurt them. So basically, very simple, we've got the Hazmat suit, he kind of looks a little bit scary but hey what can you do, and then his arm. Actually, let's see, he'll be adjusting it right here so let's get this arm so he's adjusting it nicely. Alright, so I have some extra lines. I'm going to erase them and here is your mad scientist doing some research. You can shade this in, you know what, there he is. Enjoy.


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