How to Draw a Beautiful Spring Scene

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Changing leaves, sun shine and blooming flowers are all things one might think about then picturing a beautiful spring scene. Learn how to draw a beautiful spring scene with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosalie, and I'm an artist. And, I'm going to show you how to draw a beautiful spring scene. So, springtime is just, like, when all the flowers come out, and everything's green and beautiful. I'm just going to start with, like, some grass, just as like a place to put the spring stuff. And, I'm going to leave some spaces and everything. But, there's like lots of lush green grass and beautiful weather, sometimes some rain. So, spring is when flowers come up, so I'm going to put, like, all different flowers, all different colors of flowers just everywhere. Maybe there's like a clump of this kind of flowers over here - that kind of flower. Then, there could be some, like, blue clustery kinds of flowers, like, you know, Foxgloves or Bluebells, or something. And, you know, you just want to - you can just keep going with however many kinds of flowers you want to have. And, you can have like a little tree, like all with branches that are having like new leaves coming out. I just drew a bunch of lines for the branches. Then, you could put, like, just green leaves all over, you know, just coming out from the branches. Do it however you want. And, I'm going to have a bunny rabbit. They come out in the spring. And, you could see the all the time. This one's sitting up on his hind legs in the grass. And, I want to put - it's going to be a bright sunny day, springtime, beautiful. Sunny day with clouds, not cloudy though, just some nice, like, cottony clouds in the sky. Let's say some birds are returning from their migration, you know. You could put some birds in. What else happens in springtime? It's just green and flowers, and people in a good mood, baby animals - all this stuff happens in spring. That's how I draw beautiful spring scenery.


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