How to Draw a Realistic Forest Background

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Many different types of plants, animals and insects live in the forrest. Draw a realistic forrest background with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosalie, and I'm an artist. And, I'm going to show you how to draw a realistic forest background. So, I'm just going to start by drawing in some ground. And, forest is all green, and stuff like that. So, I'm putting in some tree trunks, because forests are full of trees. That's what makes it a forest - the trees. And, just putting them in. Can put another level, and put, like, some smaller ones behind, because it is a background, so it goes back. And, then you can start to have the branches - it's just a whole bunch of lines going out at angles from the tree trunks that you've drawn. Can put in as many as you want. And, depending on the season, they would be either bare, or covered with foliage, depending on the season and the type of tree. So, let's put a big tree in the foreground, because this other trees are in the background, so. And, I just make the branches with lines that are, like, forking out from the original lines. And, you can put grass and, like, ferns. There's lots of, like, stuff like that in forests. And, as you get closer to the front of the picture, you could see more detail probably. You could put kinds of plants, bushes, or bushes sort of like that, like a blob. More leaves. Ground cover, like ferns, very common. And, could put some foliage in the trees just by - you can use dots. You could put as much of that as you want it in. Forests can be pretty dense. So, I'm just putting in stuff like that, just a riot of plants and trees, branches, and greenery. And, that's how I draw a realistic forest background.


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