How to Draw a Realistic Leopard Seal

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Drawing a realistic leopard seal is a great way to get some experience drawing types of animals people may not normally try to capture on paper. Learn how to draw a realistic leopard seal with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosalie, and I'm an artist. And, I'm going to show you how to draw a realistic Leopard seal. A Leopard seal is a ocean-dwelling mammal - aquatic mammal. And, I'm starting with the top of the head. This one's going to be kind of curled around. Seals are, you know, very rounded. So, this one has his body curled around. And, you can see his tail is sort of tapering. And, his tail is actually his feet, and they're like feet with long toes, and there's a tail that's small like that, and then another set of feet like that. But, they close together to look like a - you know, to look like a tail. But, this is the actual tail, and these are kind of the back flippers, they're called. And then, he's got, like, a little slide flipper here. That's his front flipper. And, there's some folds of fat - blubber it's called. And, here's his face. It's rounded. He's got big nostrils. Seals can dive underwater for a long time. There's his mouth. He looks like he's smiling, but that's really how their expression looks. And, there's the eye. And, he's a Leopard seal, so he has a little bit of spots and dots around his, like, sides of his face and stuff. And so, I'm just drawing those in, just little dots. There's, like, a lighter area above his eye, kind of, it looks like an eyebrow. And, he's on some ice, so I just put that there. And then, there's like frozen water, more ice with, like, icebergs sticking out of it. Over here, that's where he goes to dive, eat fish and stuff. And, that's how I draw a realistic Leopard seal.


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