How to Draw a Tonal Eye

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Drawing a tonal eye is a great way to get some practice with drawing the human body while encorporating shading. Learn how to draw a tonal eye with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosalie, and I'm an artist. And, I'm going to show you how to draw a tonal eye. What that means is using shading. So, it's like an eye. I'm just draw an eye shape. I guess you'd sort of strive for realism. It gives, like, shading stuff makes it look three-dimensional. And so, it's when you use tonal to describe a drawing, it's referring to the different tones of shading. I'm just drawing in some eyelashes, because I want it to be realistic, so making them kind of irregular, but, you know, tapering, some of them longer than the others. So, there's that. And then, I'm going to draw the iris in -that's just a round circle. And, the pupil, which is the black part in the middle. So, that's colored in. And then, to make it tonal, I'm just going to sort of color a little bit darker on one side, because your eye is round, and it has a highlight on it, and it's darker. Like, you might be able to see the inside of the eyelid a little bit, so, I would draw that in. And, there's the tear duct, and then you could shade this in a little bit - the corner, because again, your eye is round. So, even in the white part there would be some shading. And so, just sort of shade it in, then you leave a highlight, and that shows the roundness of the eye. And then, you put some eyelashes in in the bottom there. And then, you can make a eyelid fold if you want, and you can sort of color that in a little bit, give it some depth. And then, you can put the eyebrow, and I put the eyebrow with a bunch of lines suggesting hair for realism. And, these are the different tones that you would be using - darker for the eyebrow hair and the eyelash hair, and then different shades in between for the different values of the skin and the eyeball itself. And, that's how I draw a tonal eye.


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