How to Draw Pearls on a Chandelier

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Many different types of chandeliers have pearls or other types of beads hanging from them. Draw pearls on a chandelier with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosalie, and I'm an artist. And, I'm going to show you how to draw pearls on a chandelier. So, to do that, I'm going to - first, I'm going to draw the chandelier. And, a chandelier is like an elaborate fancy lamp that hangs from the ceiling. So, I'm doing the center part. It's just sort of a - just an elongated shape like that. And then, it has a round part on the top. That's where the pearls are going to come from. And then, it has, like, another round part here. And, I'm going to do the arms for the chandelier like this, and then there's some more on the back, further away, so, they're smaller. And, I'm just doing that like that. And, they're going to have candle-shaped lights, and I'm just drawing those like this, with a flame shape on the top, which is actually a light bulb. That's how they do chandeliers. They don't use real candles now, although they are based on a design that originally did have real candles, so. Oh, there's a bottom thing here, and that's where the pearls are going to come from. And, I'm drawing in lines down to the bottoms of these candle-holding things. And then, here are the pearls. They're just circles, and you just fill them in. And, I'm just doing that, just get them in there. Those are the decorative hanging strands of pearls. And, there are also going to be some coming up to here, and to here, and to here, and to here. And then, you just fill in the pearls for those too, just all along this line. You could take more time with it if you wanted. And, just filling them in. More pearls. Either strands of pearls, or beads on this chandelier. And then, there could be a drop at the bottom, decorative. And, there's the top and the wire that it hangs from. And, that's how I draw pearls on a chandelier.


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