How to Draw a Boy's Smile

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Drawing a boy's smile is a great way to experiment with drawing various parts of the human body. Learn how to draw a boy's smile with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosalie, and I'm an artist. And, I'm going to show you how to draw a boy's smile. So, a boy's smile is just what it says. I'm going to draw the entire face of the boy, and then I'm going to put the smile in it. So, I'm doing, like, an oval. And then, I'm going to, about halfway up I'm going to put the eyes. This is a three-quarters view, so the eyes are closer to one side of the face than the other. And, just have the nose coming down. And, his smile, I'm just making, like, sort of a half-moon shape, and I'm going to put sort of some dimples on the side. There are creases there. And, I'm going to give him his - I want to put his ears in. Just put them in there. And, I'm just going to draw in his hairstyle. This is a simple hairdo - it's just a boy. And, could be bangs, that's real common. Boy's hairstyle. Have a little bit in the back, it's growing out a little. So, he's smiling. There's his shirt. You could even put teeth. He could be smiling with teeth. And, you could draw in his lip, and the underneath part. Maybe I'd give him more of a chin. Got a little bit goofy. But, that's how I draw a boy's smile.


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