How to Draw an Animated Bulldog

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Drawing an animated bulldog means conveying motion in a still image. Draw an animated bulldog with help from an illustrator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Al Krakosky and I'm an artist. Today, I'm going to show you how to draw an animated bulldog. We're going to start off by drawing the shape of his face. Draw a curved line and you're going to draw this with a light pencil because you'll be going over it and erasing some of it in a little bit. It's going to be wider on the bottom then we're going to draw a line curving down the center of the face, a light line and we're going to go over this and draw in our face. You can start by drawing in the nose, draw an upside down triangle for the nose. Now draw his mouth underneath that, give him a nice smile and a bulldog has got those saggy cheeks so we'll curve down and follow this shape and do the same thing over here, come down a little further than the chin. Now we can draw in the chin, following the lines we had drawn earlier. We'll draw in the eyes and do some small ovals for the eyes, one right there and a little smaller one right there. Draw the brow above that and then follow this line, we'll make his head a little bit shorter. We'll draw an ear popping out both sides, just like that. Now we'll go in and erase these guidelines that we no longer need and it's okay if you erase some of your new lines too a little bit because we'll be going over those and adding more detail. So do your best to erase your guidelines and you'll start to see the bulldog come to life. Erase a few more on the top and that should do it. Alright we'll go back in, give the eye some pupils. Now we'll start adding the rest of the bulldog. We'll give him a collar, curving down to the bottom. We'll fill that in and his back is going to be arching up and then down and then up slightly again. His chest underneath his chin leading to his first leg. We're going to bend it back this way and then in the opposite direction and his front paws pointed inward. So the same thing, draw the leg over here, pointed inward. Then we'll curve up, do his hind leg and have it bent back and then forward. Then draw in the paw and we'll see the back one over here a little bit and we'll shade that in. We're going to add tail and do the same shape we did for the ear for the tail, then we'll add in three dots right below his nose on each side. And just go back in and add some more detail, some shading in certain areas, maybe some fur texture. So you want to give him teeth, it usually adds finishing, the lower lip and extending it across then draw in the sharp teeth, then add another lower lip below that. And that's it. That is how you draw an animated bulldog. Thank you for watching and keep on drawing.


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