How to Draw Realistic Grass

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No two types of grass ever look quite the same. Learn how to draw realistic grass with help from an illustrator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Erik, I'm an artist, and I'm going to show you how to draw realistic grass. O.k., so, let's start by, this is really just a lot of layering. So, let's just start by drawing one blade of grass, which come sup. And that's a blade of grass right there. And then, you're just going to want to build. You just want to add grass behind that, draw another one behind that, just keep going. From the base, up and round, do one here. And grass doesn't flow in one direction, it usually just goes upward but faces all the directions. And up here, one up here. Keep in mind that you're going to want to layer it, so it's going to keep going. But then, you're going to bring up some and just place it behind that. So, you're going to go, bring a line up here and then, start again on the other side. Bring it up here, bring it across, draw another blade of grass right here. Let's draw a blade of grass coming up through here. And this is really just a lot of time consumption spent, building this up. Bring this up here, just bring another one up over here. And the more time you spend drawing these, just layering it over each other. The more you can make just normal grass look interesting. Bring this up here, bring this up and over, there we go, bring this up in here. And let's just bring another one over here. And once you've filled this entire plain out, that's a plain of grass, that's basically how you do it. And that is how you draw realistic grass.


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