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Realism is something that many artists try for years to try and get right. Get realistic drawing tips with help from an illustrator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Erik. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you some realistic drawing tips. Okay, lets just start by drawing a few shapes, lets start out with a sphere which is just going to start as a circle, as close to a perfect circle as you can draw, freehanded can be difficult and then let's draw a cylinder with more of a top view. So start by drawing a oval on the top and no oval ends in points regardless of what angle you're looking at it. It's obviously going to be a little bit of a curvature to it so don't draw it as an elm in form and then bring this line down and this line down and bring this around, it could be cleaner but for this purpose it will not. So lets draw the shadow is going to be coming in from this direction so the shadow's going to be on the left side, the point that doesn't get light or that is blocked off from light and it's going to follow the curvature of each of these so let's start by just adding some cross hatching for the curvature of the sphere, that's going to come all the way down and since it's a little heartier in the middle, and since the light is coming from this direction it's also going to cast a shadow on the other opposite side. Okay, now let's add the same to the curvature of the cylinder, and let's just imagine that the light is coming, that the light source is from the right side coming in directly towards the middle of the cylinder so it's even all the way down and on top and this will also cast a shadow more or less in the shape of a cylinder. Now, let's just add highlights for where the light is coming in and just going with some white on this side, I'll come down do the same here, it comes in on this and we can even do it on the top here cause that's where it comes in and those are some tips on how to draw realistically.


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