How to Draw a Dragon Head Step by Step

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You can draw almost anything if you break it down into a reasonable step-by-step process. Draw a dragon head step-by-step with help from an illustrator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Erik. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a dragon's head stey by step. Okay let's just start out with a general shape here. Let's just do a circle, then we can extend that for more of an oval there. And let's add a circle here and one down here. This is going to guide for the brow up here and then this is going to be more of a cheek. Now let's extend this out and here, extend this out here, let's get rid of this guideline here, bring this up, kind of a nostril shape here and taper it down there. You can curve it up here, bring this back and you're going to keep it low, kind of a serration there and bring it into here. Now let's add some teeth to this. Let's keep adding them all the way across. They have a lot of teeth and let's add the bottom portion coming in there. You can even add some teeth coming up, it's a little bit of a messy dragon. Now let's get rid of this guideline here and this one here and let's add this eye here which I want it to be back a little bit. Let's add this eye here, you can make it kind of like a crocodile's eye. Just add it like that like a lizard there, add some texture around that and get rid of this line here. Now let's add this lizard portion that comes out here, add that to that side and this here, get rid of some of those guidelines and these up here. And let's make it match on this side one, two, three, let's bring in these guidelines here, add this here. Put his nostril on this side, bring it down, this shape here, let's add some horns to the top of this and have them come up. Not very long horns for this one, come up, add some curvature to that. Now let's bring this line here, make this longer and let's bring a neck in here. We're going to add some lines in there for the soft belly and what the heck, let's add its tongue coming out. Add some scales if you would like and some shapes there. And that is how you draw a step by step dragon's head.


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