How to Draw a Dragon With Arms

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When drawing a dragon with arms you'll need to start by drawing the basic shape of the head. Find out how to draw a dragon with arms with help from an illustrator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Erik. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a dragon with arms. So let's start out just by drawing the head up here which is going to be a basic circle, right down the middle let's draw the neck line. And then for this one's body just draw a shape kind of like a teardrop there that curves around this way or an upside down cartoon word bubble I suppose. Let's add some thighs to that, bring it down, legs look a little bit like an ostrich in shape, bring it down or a Velociraptor. They're very dinosaur like. Now let's bring, let's draw the tail coming around and cure it around like this, bring it up and over. Let's fill in this leg here and this one here. Alright, now let's fill in its neck here and let's give it a little bit of a snout, taper one down like this this time and let's add that there and that there. Bring this mouth up and over, down and under add an eye here, here, let's add to the neck here. Okay now let's get rid of some of these guidelines here because we don't need them anymore. Add the wings, we're going to make them smaller this time, one, two, three, one, let's fill this in like a bat and let's get on those arms here. Okay let's start out by drawing it kind of like a bicep or tricep there, draw some claws and let's get in here and let's flush that out there and on that side. Okay that's one of the arms and let's draw the matching one here, frame it out, draw the claws, there we go and we've got the arms there. Let's get rid of some of these abstract guiding lines. Let's draw a wing there quick, there we go, fill it out like a bat's wings. Give this guy some horns, give him some side plumes there, that's what you call it and you can decide some lines for the belly. And that is how you draw a dragon with arms.


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