How to Draw a Real Life Looking Dragon

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Just because dragons don't exist doesn't mean you can't draw one that looks real. Learn how to draw a real life-looking dragon with help from an illustrator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Erik. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a real life looking dragon. Okay let's start out by just drawing the head and let's start out with a basic circle there, bring this up, the framework for the neck and let's add the neck there, add it here and let's draw kind of a lizard like snout there like an alligator. Let's bring this in, put a snout there. Okay, now I'm going to draw, actually bring this portion out more like an alligator here, draw some nostrils, bring this up, like that, bring this up, now let's add the gill like forms on the side there, one more up here, add a gill like form up here. Now let's do the framework for the eyes so this is going to be an eye there. There's going to be another one over here but we're not going to be able to see it so well. Okay now let's erase some of these extra lines and start adding details to this, there's that, get rid of this thing here and get rid of this line here. Okay now I'm going to fill out this neck here and make it look like it's more attached. Now let's add some texture here just to show where it's going to be guided, just do some cross lines here, add something there. Now let's add some of the little teeth here, add some teeth, just make them sharp and let's bring some cross lines across here, there. Now let's add this, draw the pit of the brow, just the shape of it, that and curve this along. Let's bring this here, let's add some horns to this thing so add some basis for the horn, that there and that there. Let's add some lines in to these coming around, add some lines to this and let's add a line just to the center of the eye there. Now bring this down and add kind of the stomach underbelly portion of that for the neck and just add some quick line work for what the scales look like. Just fill that in and put a line there, some more teeth and that is how you draw a realistic looking dragon.


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